How Banks Work – In this video we have a Short Role Play that perfectly sums up how banks make money.

HINT: You’ll get it , but you won’t like it… but that’s how banks work… really work.

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Getting a life insurance quote is annoying and dull isn’t it? Well, there’s a new site on the block(chain) hoping to change that tedious experience. WikiQuoters is the brainchild of Walter Quinn; a veteran of the insurance industry for over 30 years. It started several years ago when Quinn was getting close to retirement. He realized the insurance industry had changed drastically since the 1980s. Quinn wanted to leave something behind, besides his hundreds of satisfied clients, that could potentially improve the landscape of the field.

When asked what the catalyst was for the creation of the quote site Quinn answered, “I’d seen a down turn in the attitude of agents coming into the business. It bothered me as I always tried to do what was right. It’s the way my dad taught me. Anyway, it got me to thinking of how I wanted to structure my legacy within the insurance industry. Since almost every sale nowadays starts with a digital introduction, I thought that would be the most likely place to leave my mark.”

Quinn was then asked what made WikiQuoters special?

He answered, “The fact that a licensed agent picks up the first time. Why that’s a novel concept is beyond me, but it’s not what other quote sites do.” So what’s next for WikiQuoters? Quinn envisions an easy duplication of the sales process and refining it so that potential clients feel like they are building a relationship with a trusted professional.

His goal is to move away from treating prospects like they’re a number that will be added to a digital file. Lastly, Quinn added, “I know it’s an uphill battle, but getting back to basics, connecting with a real live human being in a real way will be a satisfactory ending to a wonderful career.”


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