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This was a fascinating interview with Dr. Simon Duan! 

As a scientist, simulation theorist and paranormal believer hear what Simon says about the future of insurance. Could we determine how much insurance we need in the future before we buy it?  Find out! 

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Below Is A Transcript of The Interview…

QuotersCast Host: So my guest today is Dr. Simon Dan, and he is the founder and CEO of Metacomputics Labs, which studies meta-consciousness and individual consciousness and simulation hypothesis. You hold a PhD in Material Science from Cambridge University, and you were born in China and moved to the UK in the 1980s. And this is my favorite part, is that you have a very strong interest in the paranormal, and used to be the vice president of the Chinese Parapsychology Association.

Dr. Simon Duan: And that’s correct.

QC Host: So this is all very interesting. So give us a little background and how it led up to you doing the work you’re doing today.

Dr. D: Well, I’m supposed to the materialist, I did my PhD in Material Science, but I happened to encounter some paranormal phenomena and which triggered my curiosity, so I spent a lot of my spirit and study paranormal power psychologists and which puzzled me a lot, I encountered so many phenomenon I couldn’t explain with material science, trying to…

QC Host: Tell us what that experience was…

Dr. D: Oh… Yeah, I experienced a lot including physical chemical, biological, phenomenological, energetic information, though also lots of phenomena. And in the last 20 years, I spent a fair amount of time in China, and so I got involved in the paranormal research circle. So we have conferences and we discuss those phenomenon and… Yeah, he asked what I have encountered. I actually started, I encounter a kind of witch doctor, which took my wisdom teeth out with no efforts. And one time I was visiting China on business, my tooth start to play up, and then a friend of mine recommended I see this doctor and the tooth came out with no anesthetic, no injection. And he just took them out. With tweezers.

QC Host: Did you… Did you feel pain?

Dr. D: I felt some discomfort, but nothing major, it was not much pain. Then we went to lunch together and I asked, “Well, what did you do to me?” And he said, “I have an incantation. Like a mantra, like a five syllable mantra in meditation, and that gave me the power to take the tooth with no effort.” So, yeah, it’s kind of a witch doctor, I suppose.

QC Host: Well, that’s amazing that now, how does that play into the work that you do with Metacomputics Labs or is there a connection?

Dr. D: Yeah, this piqued my interest, like my curiosity. And I spent a lot of time to encounter looking for those where the phenomenon actually were the people, and I encountered all sorts of things.

QC Host: Tell us about some experiences… Wow.

Dr. D: I encountered people who can actually manifest herbal medicine from thin air. Yeah, really appears in her hands.

QC Host: What happened that?

Dr. D: Yeah, I saw those people, a lady. We can actually abort herbal Madison for

QC Host: How did that happen? Take us through how you met her and what you said and how it appeared… How did that go?

Dr D: Oh, well, because I got involved in the paranormal research circle, we have gatherings, we invite those people, psychic people, to the Cornette on striations of various phenomena, and this lady, she had seeds in her hands, so you have a… For example, they have peanut seeds, she put her hands together and within 10 minutes, you have a small shoots coming out.

QC Host: So what did she do? Does she cover her hands or…

Dr. D: Yeah, she could cover her hands.

QC Host: So were you afraid that it might be a hoax or some type of trick…

Dr D: Well, there’s always a possibility that, but we have studied her extensively in the lab… In the lab condition. So she actually could manage to teach other people, teachers, especially children, and so on somehow brought my daughter… She was teaching some kids and my daughter managed to manifest a small herb in her hand.

QC Host: So how old was her daughter and how long ago was it?

DR D: She was 16 at the time. But with younger children, it’s even easier. So I don’t think my daughter is trying to cheat me… Okay, okay. You can do all sort of things. You can do photography. She can project the image of her mind into the camera. So you have photos in your camera, while not opening the shutter. This kind of thing is called the high strangeness, but people refuse to believe them… A really good example that I saw personally is also teleportation. One gentleman could manifest money. He can tell you.

QC Host: Wow, where can I sign up?

Dr D: He he. This one time we actually locked him up in the lab and we stripped out completely. Well, even without underwear, we lock him up.

QC Host: Really? And so where does he send the money…

Dr D: Actually he can get money from somewhere…

QC Host: Where did it end up in? After you stripped him? Where did it end up?

Dr D: Oh, he can get money from somewhere, but he couldn’t spend it, he said he couldn’t spend it. So in a few days, the money will disappear again…

QC Host: Okay, let me get this straight. You strip somebody naked and lock him in a room, he manifests some money, he manifested it and then couldn’t spend it and then it disappeared. That’s right?

Dr D: Yeah, but within a few days, he’s not allowed to spend it.

QC Host: Well, that’s kind of like a hologram. A little bit.

Dr D: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s one of the explanations. So all those phenomena made me wonder… What’s going on? How can this happen? Yeah, yeah. So.

QC Host: Yes. Wow, this is really interesting. So how did this lead into metacomputics lab, because you talk about the meta consciousness and you talk about it connecting with the individual consciousness and also the simulation hypothesis, which is really building these days. Yeah, let’s do that then I have another question.

Dr D: That’s it. Yeah, the simulation hypothesis. Will we… I can explain those phenomena, because if the universe, if the cosmos is a simulation, and then if you can get into the program, then you can change the program, alter a program, and then switch everything in the universe, it can change. So you can actually like hack into the system, you can actually change it and… So that’s why we… I explain it.

The simulation hypothesis is not new. This has been proposed since 1969. Yes, yeah, and the reason, especially since the movie Matrix, many people actually take this as a major interest and more and more people getting into this hypothesis.

So the idea of a simulation is not new.

What’s new is that the hypothesis that this computer is not physical, it’s transcendental. It’s beyond the physical. So normally, when people talk about simulation of hypotheses, they think it’s a computer made by the future generations, future advance the civilizations they want to simulate than their ancestors, that’s how they end up with this reality, this reality they’re supposed to be simulated by our advancements… But I don’t think that’s feasible hypothesis.

Dr D: I think if you want to simulate this universe, the computer has to be outside the universe, so it has to be a transcendental computer. If it’s a transient, then it’s actually located in the platonic realm. You’re not platonic, then there is a platonic real realm of forms, which is now physical, which is a transient. So my hypothesis is that this computer is transcendental and it’s in the platonic real… And this computer, because it’s not material, it cannot be made by silicon, like what computer laws, it’s actually made by consciousness. Alright, so the internets actually digitalized itself into binary, and you’re in a binary, you can be the long physical transient computer, and that computer renders the universe.

QC Host: So are you saying we’re basically living in a video game or something like that?

Dr D: Little bit. Yeah, it’s actually… A simulation, is the best explanation of the reality. Wow. Yeah, and the physical reality appear to be physical because it’s programmed to be physical, it is a physical engine, physics engine to render this reality, and that’s why it becomes a behavior, a store’s a physical matter… And other realities like dreams, psychedelic situation, and the reality is as real as this physical reality, but because they are not physical, we don’t think they are real, but they are the same… Both or virtual reality? Rendered by this computer.

QC Host: Okay, so how do you explain when you get cut, it hurts. There’s the pain, and if we’re just a hologram or energy… How do you explain that?

Dr D: Well, the pain is another program, and then the cuts… Another program. Yeah, so all those programs. One trigger another… Yeah, so yeah, the cutting is a one program… Now, this cutting trigger another program, which make your experience of pain. Yeah, it’s all program.

QC Host: Okay, so when you say hack into it, is that a little bit like the law of attraction? That kind of thing. Not

Dr D: The exact law of attraction is… I think it’s still phenomenological, it’s kind of superficial. Yeah, it’s still operating at the material level, I think, but the fundamental reality is what’s behind this physical reality cheating, which renders this reality… So the engine and associate the program is basic reality, whereas others are just rendered virtual reality, including your body, including the cut… Including the pain you feel. Yeah, it’s all rendered.

QC Host: Okay, so this almost sounds like you’re getting into the realm of trans-humanism a little bit…

Dr D: Yes, yeah, because in this reality, we actually exist in multi levels. This of course is not only this physical reality, there’s many levels. Realities, yes. So in a multi-universe or a multiverse, then there’s many levels which are not physical, as I just mentioned in dreams, a meditation, some people can manipulate the real, and some people experience another reality when they experience near death, some people die and they come back and they experience another reality.

Those are parallel realities.

And we actually existing in all levels, like a Russian doll, like nesting Russian dolls, we only experience this physical reality, but the other levels, we keep them dormant. They are not activated. So you’re talking about the trans-humanism is actually a weakening or activation of other levels human, so you become a multi-level human species, when that happens, you have ability to kind of interact with the computer, which… I do.

QC Host: Okay, alright. This is a little mind-blowing. When we initially spoke through messaging, you mentioned that this would have huge implications on the insurance industry, and so can you speak to that because this does sound really, the trans-humanism part, and a lot of what we see in society and our technology and getting hooked up to it, how do you see it going for insurance?

Dr D: Well, if the reality, including ourselves, is rendered by this engine, which is in a platonic realm, and then her life actually can be simulated as because the database already contains everything about us, what we have been doing throughout the life, what we will be doing in the future.

QC Host: Okay, so how do you see the under writing going on a life insurance policy then?

Dr D: There’s a database, yeah, containing all of the real data about each person, it’s not the lack of the superficial data which you get, but the insurance companies or as the company, we don’t have some data about you to not actually… Not data about, they are still superficial data, there’s another layer for data which are more accurate, if you can access the computer which actually render us, then you can use that data to make simulations about your future, not only a past, but also future. And this isn’t new. Actually, I mean, astrology does some of this… Yeah, not merely accurate.

Does this also… Yes, yeah, so you actually get a binary, you have a Taro containing being in the young and they are binaries, basically the out put of a computer, because computers operate in a binary, and now for this, that’s already accurate way of accessing in this computer, but what we are doing is actually to make a process control more accurate for divination, so make the astrology I-Ching divination become a scientific technology, so you’ll access this database, you do the simulation and you have a process control by each steps.

Dr D: Therefore, the result is to be accurate and depends how well you carry out this practice definition, you will have that idea about whether you’re going to have a critical unit… Yeah, how origin lives. Oh, okay. So yeah, what major events or accidents going to happen to you and those kind of information is very important for your clients, if you’re working for customers, and if they know they’re going to have… Or extent. Yeah.

QC Host: So the implication can be immense, so how near in our future do you see this starting to take over and really taking all of our lives?

Dr D: I don’t think this happens very quickly, because we are dominated by material list realities. Okay, there are people, there are few people who actually believe anything about this, right, that is… And we are educated by material size, so all those are treated as a superstition , but most people take it as a joke. They just play with it and they have a reading. And it may be laughed at , but yeah, it’s a farce… They don’t really have the connection with the computer to have an accurate output, you need to have a good interaction, good connection with this rendering it… People actually… Now, for the result is not accurate anyway. They just take it as a joke, but there are people who can connect really well with the computer in out of the state of consciousness, and therefore those kind of people can simulate people’s future very accurately.

QC Host: Okay, so what is your Metacomputics labs? What does it do? Is it a service? Do you have a product, what do you hope to gain and what do you have to offer people with it?

Dr D: Well, mainly we do theoretical research, and we try to model this universe with matter computing model to what end modulated… Well, we want to explain about the universe. Everything about the universe, we want to explain everything, including how the consciousness is manifested because science cannot really materially, the size cannot really explain consciousness. So our task is really to explain how consciousness is working and how consciousness is manifested into this material reality, but while this series is established, there are going to be many applications. So divination focusing is one of those applications, alternated, where alternative medication, alternate healthcare, because illness is also a manifestation is also rendered, if you can look after yourself, you are not just a material body, you can be better, you can fix some bugs in a program of physical body will be healthy.

QC Host: Okay, so I’ve been meditating for a long time, and I understand a lot of what you say, and I think there are quite a few people who appreciate what you’re saying, why are not more of us doing it better, manifesting better? Because I think a lot of people do appreciate the understanding that everything starts in energy, and that there is a process to manifesting. Why don’t more of us do it better?

Dr D: I think we are here actually to experience ignorance. People interested in knowing the reality, and the main purpose is actually experienced what ignores is like, that this planet is full, we are here to experience suffering from ignorance, hardship, disobedient, wars and more conflict.

That’s what we’re here for now, for very few people actually, maybe you are one of those exceptions, you actually meditate, you want to find the truth, but not many people, even those who are so-called spiritual journey, they are not very clear what’s going on with this world…

We actually can put a road map and we can be very clear who we are actually, we are not just this physical body, we are multi-level species, like I said, we are like a Russian doll. At the end, we are the meta-consciousness.

QC Host: Yes. So does that mean you believe God.

Dr D: We ourselves are God. Okay, each one of us. Eventually, yeah. At the top, we are one consciousness.

QC Host: And so how does that work if there is an actual computer running all this?

Dr D: The computer is the tool God uses to create this universe, so with this program, it’s no longer a mystery, is no longer a mystery, it’s actually a science. So the consciousness digitalizes itself into binary, build a computer and the computer, your program, they generate multi-levels of reality, and this physical reality is only one of the levels of reality, and this reality, we are here to experience all sorts of different things, some happiness, some bitterness seeing some economies, and this makes the creation colorful…

QC Host: Well done. Unfortunately, we’re coming to the end of our time here. But this has been really fascinating. I wish you well. Where can we send people when they see this and they wanna check out more of your work, where is the best place to get you.

Dr D: Yeah, my website, Right, so from there, well, we have some information and some applications that’s also… Yeah, including the website is my YouTube channel, a lot of lectures and… And get into that. And also, if they are interested in consultation about divination before they decide whether they want have an… For example, so some people over insured, some under insured, if they have a better idea of what’s going to happen to them, you can make a much better decision.

QC Host: And they can come to you to find that out… Yes, they can. Wow, okay, that’s awesome. Well, thank you. You’ve been a wonderful surprise and keep up the great work.

Dr. D: Thank you, thank you for having me.

QC Host: My pleasure, thank you. Good night.

End of The Interview

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