Interview With Former Health Insurance Exec Turned Media Mogul & Patented Inventor – HURRICANE H

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Interview With Former Health Insurance Exec Turned Media Mogul & Patented Inventor – HURRICANE H




TRANSCRIPT Of My Interview With

Former Health Insurance Exec Turned

Media Mogul & Patented Inventor – HURRICANE H


Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

Okay, welcome to with the Cortes cast, and my guest today is her cane, and he is the President and Founder of The MBC TV Network, which is a collection of channels and it’s for podcasters, authors and content creators, which I’m looking forward to finding more about… And you’ve got more than 27 years experience in the health field, health insurance and manage care field as a sales executive and founder, and so your kind of knowledge, I think an expertise is hard to come by. You seem to be a real specialist in this area, and this is something I think a lot of people wanna know about, ’cause it’s a complex field, so if you can give us maybe a little bit of background, how you ended up where you are today, that would be great.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

That’s a lot. My… First of all, thank you, thank you so much for having me. And yeah, so I have a very diversified by ground that as you’ve alluded to it, the majority of the time of… Actually now it’s 29 years. Wow, time. Flutes managed care insurance. So managed care is really a concept of insurance for government programs, and so it’s really the insurance world, a managed care, it is water health care, it’s the payer side, but also I’m in the sales side of it and the business aspect of marketing and business development, so that’s like where I’ve been on my career path in one role, at least in one industry, if you wanna call that, that’s the healthcare or insurance, again, they are interchangeable for me. All the same.

Okay, I had other careers in parallel, I’ve been in real estate, I used to teach real estate law in New York, that…

Howard estate as well, that’s always been, I believe in side hustles or like… What do you call it? Never put your eggs in one basket, kind of concerns. I believe that in this world, you have to have something, and not only it’s an opportunity to learn more because you always learn and apply those additional earnings into whatever you’re doing, and some of the skills are literally workable in both aspects of whatever I did.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Right. So training is part of it. Pitching is a lot of it, you investing in doing stuff, it’s felt a part of sales and business, so you do it the same and three years ago, just before called it lay, there was a situation where I had an opportune… Well, I was challenged, I wanna call it this way, I was challenged to a concept and what it was, so I was the VP of Sales and Medicare sales specifically, and there was an opportunity for us to be on the radio show,

So there’s a story about the media, and so I had assigned someone to actually go into this particular radio show for an hour to talk about our benefits, and so I was challenged…

and the question was like, Well, he… Hesitate time, the hurricane. Why I’m gonna get to it right now is like What? You’re the VP, you’re supposed to be on the show. I’m like, No, I’m the VP, I’m not supposed to be in the show. The best person to be able to show someone actually that sales this on a day-to-day basis, and that’s my best rep, and it’s someone that can answer the question…

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Can I answer the question is probably I can’t end, but when you have a team, the team is better than you in what they do, ’cause that’s where they do, that’s their job, that’s what their expertise is, just ’cause I need… The team doesn’t mean that I cannot do it, or do doesn’t mean I’m the best fit. You have people that have organization, you have a spokesperson. Right, and when you have a representative, that’s what they do, so anyways, that was it.

So I got a little annoyed about that and I said, Are you questioning whether I can do their shows or the ability to just to make a decision?

Maybe you can do it? And that’s how I felt by was like, Oh no, you’re wrong about that. First of all, I’ve been on TV, I’ve been on radio, Spanish, English range over the years, even very Kevin, I was a kid. And so that’s not a problem for me. And if you’re talking about me being on a talk show, I think I can do that, so I just sat… I decide, You know what, I’m gonna prove this person wrong, and I started my own thing, and that was the actual idea now I needed…

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

That was just a barter theater, I would say. The motivation behind it, the idea was always lingering. That’s the other thing. So I had already suggested to start a YouTube for the company, and it was kind of like me with some sort of a like, Oh, it’s okay. We don’t need it. It’s not gonna work for us. Okay, because if you’re in a business, you wanna be a podcast, you wanna be… And stuff like this, right? But it seemed that they did not buy the concept like, Okay, that’s okay with me, so between that first element and the second one of the challenge.

I don’t back away from any challenge.

I will do anything, right, but need also a constant behind it. The concept was that I realized there is the weather channel, there’s a lot of news, there’s a lot of stuff. However, is there a health channel that people can watch and learn from? I have not heard of one, and so why not start… Someone’s gotta start it so much, it will be me, and this is… And so literally in December 2019, I started toting all the stuff in general trio, it’s eHealth radio, USA is IRD, the website is www Haredim.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

The Exchange was not available the other way, so I had to do the USA and also I wanted to highlight is based in the US. So that was it. And then as I started doing the first show, I’m like, What… I mean, you know, what am I doing? Just old you, I can also do visual… So now the I healthcare will be gone. So now I have the I at radio and the IHL channel, both of them come by and because what covid came on, so that’s just before two months before colitis Mathers show that I did literally like a field report…

It was on a cruise ship, and it was just there when the covid just begin, I did also another one in New York City, Times Square to see how the feelings were…

Then that was my first initial stuff, and then I started doing some sales talks because that’s my industry of sales techniques, perspective, all that stuff and insurance managed care broker. That was before even I started getting a guest. And in that time with covid, my wife actually did the… She’s in the fitness, I’m in the fishes, a fitness.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

That’s just my family hobby, I’ve been in March lots on my life, and I’ve been always trying to refer… I believe you have to have a healthy mind and body together in spirit, the three of them come by, and so when the gyms were hit the hardest, we converted our basement East portion of it for her classes to continue as she was doing classes. But you can do it because they were shut down, and since I already had the equipment for the pod for the shows, if you’re…

I didn’t call it podcast is really, to me, as a stakeholder, but I said, I can do this for you, or we can create this so you can broadcast to people, and we started doing that.

We had nothing… I mean, the basement was literally just… We move furniture around. We had a nice little TV set and all the stuff, and the team is still that actually, we use it now on mothership, but it was there, so we kind of convert stuff, move things around and we started immediately… I mean, before even people started doing virtual were already there, and then we create a own brand at that point, so it became the fit in the far…

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

And so, and I said, Well, the fin fab channel, this doesn’t have to be just for us, we can open it to other people, so now fitness, health, wellness, it’s all the same. So we started there, and then from that point on, every little event that happens, we created another channel that adds up with different themes and value, and they’re all interchangeable, as I said before, they all kinda tie in together, and that the idea of health and wellness, because everything affects us, I mean, you need your help is impacted by everything, so therefore your fitness, you want this…

You wanna make people feel good inside outside.

Now I recall it. That’s the concept, right? And so that was kind of like the story of hurricane age from the beginning to… Well, I did kinda talk about the overall experience in managed… Can I can go back to, and I’m sure we can do that. But that was like how we got into this concept and three and a half years for now, just about close to about 100000 downloads, if you 100 and bus and maybe combine about maybe 400000 unfollow or somewhere in that range.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV: And again, so now I evolved it into more with guests and things, and then I realized that there are directories for people where people can list their Podcasts, Spotify, these things I’m doing too, but I realize like, Well, but that’s all… You can just list, it doesn’t mean that nobody’s doing it if… So why not do something for people and actually, since I have the platform and to have the channels and have the viewers and have the audience is…

And I can feed to all the world tonight, so I am everywhere pretty much, and so my shows play everywhere.

So if you wanna catch a show somewhere, you will be able to see it visually or you can hear it all you’re somewhere on a podcast platform on radio, or you can watch it on our website, and we have a couple of them, and that’s it. So that’s the network. And in almaty, the way E-MBC is alanine broadcasting Corp, which is my last name. And I kind of run because I wanted something that… That’s like, We know ABC and BC, CVC, all those acronyms. So it came in nicely as the NBC network, so Amanda route network, and so that’s it. And drunk, and now we have an acronym for it too, so it’s the story behind everything that you’ve seen or heard.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

Okay, yeah, that’s excellent. What I was researching you, I came across that and I was quite excited because it sounds to me like you’ve incorporated a lot of the problems that new podcasts as like, This is the quotes cost is getting attention, getting it out there, getting great guests and that kind of stuff, it seems like you offer so much more than just the directory.

So I’m actually looking forward to signing up and using it, ’cause you made it very affordable, you have a free option.

You keep it under 100 per month. And from what I can tell you offer an awful lot, and I have to say, I did the math, ’cause I bought all those services myself for my system, and I know how much it cost to have each one of those directories to get the premium stuff.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Right. And to be able to do all the big stuff, it costs a lot of money, so forth, for me, I know how much it cost me a couple of thousand a month, and so to me, I’m already doing the work. And the idea is, this is not about me, this is not about my channel, this is about bringing resources and opening up to the world all the information that’s available, you are a resource, people are doing work, but they’re not heard enough, they’re not seen in it, or they will be heard but not seen, the idea is just that we’re sharing to.

Well, as a matter of fact, the mission of my concept is very simple, educate, inspire and motivate, and the model takes some time to evolve.

so we need to evolve beyond the standard… I guess media has been around, this is the new media age, and it’s different because not about news and just entertainment, it’s about resources, and many people have businesses, again, JS, authors and these people are doing a work out there, some of them are making it through in different ways. One thing that I also experience you’re in a coma time, for example, Facebook, if you’re a DJ, you have a couple right issues you can’t even play your music.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Right, you gotta take time. So that was kinda like every time I looked at an opportunity, an area where this dilemma… I try to figure out a solution for it. And again, I just got handy, my latest edition right now is actually where the bargains channel, and it would just laugh dot a month and a half ago. And the paras Jenna is really like a QVC for the average business. ’cause I think about it, right?

There’s QVC, I love them in the grade, you can do your shopping and Dad is the home network.

Home Shopping Network, they’re huge, but not everybody that has a business can be on those things, and here you can scale at any level, and basically what it does is that you get your opportunity to feed into the network and your show is broadcasting across everything that I do and therefore, you will be able to reach people and talk about your project. I don’t even have to be there. This is not something where I have to be interact, you can send me a video by your presentation and you will play or you can be live and literally with people and your phone number and your connection.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

The good news is, this is not a daily activity, because if the show… Once the show is done, all your time is done, understood, you, you will be recorded and obviously it will be re-played and played and played and replayed evergreen, so you might get at least instantly you make it leads a month later, it might get lost a year later, ’cause as long as you’re at in business for business and into a business, you’re gonna get somebody…

So again, that’s another… Just to give you another concept that we as we’re starting with help, we went into fitness when the glamor and gaming son, dualism body on a night.

When we were talking is was like, Well, why don’t you have your own channel?

You are a gamer, and so we created the gamers channel, so now he is his plane on the gaming stuff, and believe it or not, all these things link because business spot of life, money is bottom line, and everything we do affects your health… One way I do… And so that’s kind of like the concept. I try to get a nice full 360 or after. Think of something else that I’m missing. I will add another Cranford, that’s all.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

That’s awesome. You’re incredibly ambitious. No, this is great. And let’s get into the meat of insurance specifically, can you have a lot of experience there, and you’re also clearly a great sales person, and I also know 92% of people who get their insurance license fall off within the first year, I mean, this industry is very difficult to be very successful, and for most people, it seems as from what I’ve experienced, so what kind of tips can you offer people, maybe some specific examples and your experience is so extensive, what would you tell somebody who’s starting out… Also

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

A few things just to… You’re right, I mean, I’ve been in the RNA space for the longest. Awaits, I enjoy it. And on the side note, I also have a brokerage agency, so make people for people that actually… We recruit people and we have agents, and so I can tell you how hard, how easy, how difficult, and what works and what doesn’t, and so it is a great opportunity. And insurance, obviously there’s more… We specialize in Medicare sales and like CA and all those types of things.

But in the insurance, if you have an insurance license and you have different types, P and C, you do life and health, and you can do just health on its own, accident and health, so we kind of focus on the accident and health. But we have products for life too.

And I’m not from morning here, the agency itself, I’m just talking about the concept. Right, and it is a great opportunity to make money, it is definitely something that’s needed, I mean, everybody is an insurance for their home, wanting these nitrate for their car, and what if you have a business unit insurance, if you’re a tenant, do you need insurance? And if you live, you need health insurers, at the end of day, you need some sort of insurance…

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Car insurance is a must. Health insurance is a must. So it just, depending on how it is, the license in itself is not difficult, as you know, I mean, people gotta get on a course, depending what course you mean, or multiple courses, if you’re gonna do multiple portfolios and different opportunities, like the P and C license, separate…

The accident, health and life, and accident and health are separate, and you can combine those and we now you can start basically becoming an agent or a broker, and you can work independently.

Now, there’s two ways, some of these folks that do the licensing, they can work for health plans, and by the word’s funny, I said help lines, my agency’s name is help lands, but I was referring to the help lands or the carriers is as opposed to with the sea, my companies were dosage play in the words, right?

And so the concept is very simple, if you want a salary benefit and you wanna get your feet wet into the industry, a good way probably to start is to get into a company, and not all the companies recur captive agents, but in some of the bigger cities, they do like New York City, it’s pretty common.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

All the help lens, they have a staff that is dedicated to selling in the field, these are captive agents, they get a salary and a commission, sometimes some bonuses and things like that, but they’re going to employees… And that’s one way to do it. The other way is the standard way, which is more nationally acceptable, you’re doing… You work somewhere, you get a license and start part time to do income value, another resource of income, another revenue, people do it as an income stream. Right.

Some people start part-time because you have to balance it until you get your feet wet and you get ready to get the knowledge skills you need.

There is a wrap-up time because you gotta build your momentum, you gotta know the business enough and to help specifically you need to understand what you’re doing and you’re working with corporations for business or employer groups and things like that, are you working for individuals like in the Medicare space, what is… Or who is your customer base and where you can meet them as… And so forward your network, your business development skills have to get there, some of the opportunities that you have, for example, we’re working with providers or working in the faith-based organizations, or you’re working with community organizations to an event, all these things are multiple places where you can actually diversify opportunities and Prospect, and eventually, I thrive.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Great news about insurance is if you’re not a captive agent and you are independent, it’s almost the same, and I’ll explain, because if you add the numbers do to dollar, if you are a captive, yes, you get a salary base and that’s guaranteed plus benefits, blah, blah, blah.

But if you were independent, six or seven apps qualified to that salary base anyway, so everything else, you’re basically dividing it…

If your goal is, let’s say 20 on the captive side, you do the same morning here, you’re probably gonna make the same money or more, but the Atari that because you’re the intra party independent now you have a residual income, see, that’s the part where people don’t realize that it’s not just a one-time deal, it’s a future income revenue, and then you tack on…

It’s really compound it year after year, and so after a couple of years in the business with a nice before you, you’re pretty much a good set because as long as US people are buying policies for our life, in the case of Medicare, you won’t get money from your previous sales, and you’re gonna maintain your members happy, if there is a change in the plan, you’re gonna move them from one product to the other, and that’s it, but you will do that, so you’re one is probably a most difficult one, year two gets a little harder or easier, other, I’d say.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

And then in time, it becomes a nice breeze and you basically have four or five years worth of income that is coming in guaranteed, whether you do stuff or not, you know you’re still gonna make money now, this is not an opportunity to just quit everything, ultimately, you don’t have to work for other places now because you have enough revenue, you’ve basically matched one of a current situation you have now or even exceeded it.

Let’s say you’re making 100000, now you’re making 200000.

You don’t need to worry about working for someone, you’re independent, there is an opportunity of growth, you can open your own agents and now have on the folks teach people how to do it the same way you did it, and now basically you’re giving them an opportunity to make money and you get override because they’ll sell on the side if you want it to, and you can still earn your money from the previous sales and you still get override for the sales of your agent. So there is a lot to do here, and it’s Laney of opportunity. I wanna stop there.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

Okay, that’s good. Is a little overwhelming, but it makes me think that you have so much going on, like creating the network, the TV network and creating this brokerage, there must be infrastructure that you can already tap into, ’cause I can’t imagine that you could really coordinate and build all that really from scratch. So there must be larger companies that you’re working with make… All of this work is that, right?

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Yes, also depends on the media side, none is literally from scratch, obviously I’m using what the systems are in place and I can own system, but I’m using platform, Facebook, I mean social stuff that’s already out there, but in the insurance space, you are selling carriers, right. So you have to contract with carriers, so there’s ways to do this, but the easy way is to affiliate with a announcer, in my case, because of the expertise and stuff like that, we work with FM. FM is field market an organization, and basically it is an organization that is contracted with helpers nationally or locally, and basically their job is to recruit train and basic produced for these plans, and so that’s all they have to do now.

And FOS, the highest ranking, and between FM and agent, there’s a… All levels that you can be like a general agency, master a lot of acronyms, but they all do the same thing, and there’s overriding between…

And basically the more contract with a carrier is a simple contract where they are as an regulations and expectations, there’s a payment to the agency or the FM for the admin work, and then there is expectations in terms of compliance and so on and so forth, in exchange instead of the carrier looking to hire on people, they just contract with these agencies and they have the ones they bring in a couple of thousands of brokers that those products, they certify them, they go through the compliance process, whatever they need to do to comply, and then now they have agencies now, in my role, what I did is I create an agency under an O, and basically I’m almost like an M level, if you wanna call it this way.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

But here’s the difference, when you’re an Moore responsible for a lot more than if you’re an agency, meaning, I’m not responsive what the compliance besides be complaints being compliant. Right, but I’m not responsible to Monte operations behind it. I mean… So there are certain things that we don’t have to do, the foresters responsible, and we are responsible to the FSO, everybody’s Ocala, Billy, everybody’s kinda connected. Right, instead of me worrying about the operations and running all that, having a compliance office center, blah, blah, blah…

I don’t have to deal with that. All I have to do is recruit. Train sale, producer. Don’t complain, I could use it.

I’m gonna keep using the word compliant insurance word, where licensed agents or license, it’s a state license there, there’s a lot of stuff that goes behind it, it’s not an easy course or… Take the exam, if you wanna call it…

The exams are pretty difficult to a degree.

I mean, they’re up there with a series seven and six and all those, so out there. And so when you get them, you wanna maintain them, rule number one, they have to do your sever two years, and so that’s one, and you have to be complained because if you’re not compliant, you will not be able to work with carriers ’cause they’ll kick you Tani you can’t sell the product. You have no product to sell them, you have no business. Right, you can’t do this. So that’s it, so you have to maintain. Correctly. Was that good enough?

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

That’s excellent. I love it. So long, I know the TV network is fairly new. How long have you had the brokerage?

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Brokerage was 2017, and there’s a story behind it too, so I was… There’s always a story. I was a Chief Sales Marketing, obviously for a company, and then just again, I’m gonna share with you, it’s funny because when you work for companies… You never know what to expect. I was on vacation, I showed up Lilo in on Sunday night. Monday, I get called, were closing the company early… What was it called? Everybody who it was exactly same day, so Sunday, and I was like, You should have just done… I would have extended avocation and so that was the end of it.

But I had a team and the first thing I was like, Well, and we were close to the annual election period in the Medicare space.

Which is like contouring, this happened literally August, and there’s not enough room between most of the plans… By that time, they already have stuff in and everything lined up, so it’s difficult, so the idea was, let me create an agency so we all can make this AP worth it and we can still survive and make enough money and so and so forth. At the same time, what I did is promote the wraps and some of them got into a job, some of them then continue to do with the GEC. That was a story behind. Excellent. Okay, great. It was just for that.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

Okay, we brought a little bit of time left, but I do… In my research on you, I noticed that in 2019, you filed the US patent for an inflatable scaffolding idea, how… I have no idea how that fits into everything else you’re doing, what… Can you tell us that story?

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

It’s an interesting story. So I happened to live in a home where I have cathedral, ceiling is high unit, and in 2018, I think it was a bad storm, and we had replaced our roof, but there were leaks into the actual house and the ceiling had those things, and I went to the Home Depot and everywhere to try to find a scaffolding to actually be able to go out there. I had somebody to do it, but they could not do it. And to really even lease one dose scaffold is to bring Him…

It’s a lot of heavy metal stuff and pieces, and to put them really is not as easy task.

and we even try to get the highest potential ladder that there is at least in a ladder, and we couldn’t find something that was high enough, so it was very difficult. And then I have… My mom lives with me, she’s an elderly and the less a second floor, and then at the time, an idea that I need to be able to do this, so I looked also at those… What do you call them? The collapsible scaffolds like they left, you see them as a sister one other cases or lift, so she does, but they’re heavy and they’re propaganda, you got bright in the house, you can’t even get in house, right.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Sole need something Borel. So an idea came as like, You know what, why don’t just go and inquire about this and make an invention, and that’s exactly what I did, so I did the research, I did all the discovery stuff, we look to see if there’s anything similar, nothing. And then we basically put it and put the plans together and submitted it to the patent office, and by two years later, I think we got proved as a utility payers and…

Yeah, and that was it. So this one was born, and it’s a very portable concept, I have yet to license it though.

I’ve been actually trying to market in and try to get people to get into the concept, maybe someone will hear about it and we’ll be interested in the concept because I can see a lot of use for it. Not just me, that’s why it’s left as a full… Then you can live it up pretty safe, carry stuff, you can go as close to the cell as you can… It is portable and inflatable, it uses inflatable stuff, so it’s light also, you can use a far out letter generator if you want, so it’s got all these things. And it’s good. So that was it.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

Well, aren’t you something… That’s amazing. So if something wants to get a hold of you out, so many entry points into your work, so how can we… How would you like to tell people to get a hold of you?

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

Well, again, I’m all over the map, so like LinkedIn is not easy, why? And when bought profiles, you can get there. If you go to help plans, my help lines dot com. That’s my other thing. If you go to defeat channel, you’ll find me in the FIFA dot-com, you’ll find me. We also have a natural cosmetic company, so that’s organism, New York dot com, so that’s another one. So we’re doing different things, and these are all… I believe or not, those were all side things, I actually…

Recently, I was still working in the corporate world, so now, and this was all done part-time and my wife is doing some other work.

To work on the side, and that’s it. So it is not the easy way, like hurricane at my health radius dot com, that will be the email to get to me, like I said, if you can download the app and still connect with me, you can go to the website. I have few of them. As I said, the other one is We… CTV network dot com. And yeah, you can reach out to me anyway. Any time for insurance? For media, for podcasting, for the IS, if you hunt to take us there.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

We open. Excellent, yeah, I will definitely checking out more of your work and probably using some of your services that Network TV network really is… Sounds very exciting. So thank you for all that you do. And thank you very much for speaking with me, hurricane. I appreciate it very much.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV:

My pleasure and thank you for making… Telling that it was difficult to make it happen or screws in, but we made it… That’s all… Yeah, yeah.

Renee Host of The QuotersCast:

That was great, thank you so much. Alright, have a great day.

Hurricane H of EMBCTV: Bye.



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He’s also been in the world of media since he was a kid. It was a natural transition for him to create and the EMBC TV Network – A collection of channels for content creators to promote their work effectively and affordably.

And surprisingly, listen to Hurricane tell the story of how he created a new invention and filed a US patent on it in 2019!

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